48326 dental office

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Do you ever look in the mirror and notice your appearance is not as vibrant as it used to be? Often times, this can be caused by a decrease in the whiteness of your smile. Many people forget that a beautifully bright smile can dramatically enhance their overall appearance, and that otherwise gorgeous outer aesthetic of yours can fall short when your smile is not at peak luminosity. If you live in Auburn Hills, Michigan, you can once again achieve a stunning appearance by undergoing one of Meadowbrook Dental’s two exceptional teeth whitening procedures. Patients who seek teeth whitening treatment from their 48326 dental office can trust they will love their new, youthful smiles because our reputation for high quality care is built on providing consistently excellent results. Make Meadowbrook Dental your first choice for cosmetic teeth whitening care in Auburn Hills.

48326 dental office

According to the American Dental Association, teeth whitening has quickly become one of the most popular treatments in the United States, and your 48326 dental office makes every effort to bring the best teeth whitening systems to Auburn Hills. Dr. Joe Pelerin of Meadowbrook Dental wants all of his patients to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile; with our teeth whitening procedures, we can easily achieve that goal.

At our 48326 dental office, you may choose an in-office procedure or can use our professional-strength take-home whitening kit. Both procedures offer pleasing results. However, the take-home kit will deliver its results over several days, while the in-office system can dramatically improve the brightness of your smile by several shades in just one hour.

Let Dr. Pelerin help you to transform and enhance the appearance of your smile! Please call your 48326 dental office today for any additional information on the many services we provide, or to schedule a convenient appointment for your cosmetic smile makeover consultation.

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